Saturday, 18 July 2009

Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam

At least a decade had past since my last visit to the Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya (Malaysia Agricultural Park) at Shah Alam. I could recall the glory time of this park during my childhood time. There were hanging bridge, four seasons house (a building that replicate Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The house showcases and allows visitors to see and experience the different season. As a young kid then, I always wanted to see the Winter at the Bukit Cahaya. That’s the only place that snow in Malaysia. So cool!) and it is a fun place to cycle as well.

Those days has gone. Taman Petanian gets less and less promotion as a place of attraction and recreation. I almost forgetten about this place until a friend of mine organized a skytrex adventure. And this Skytrex Adventure Park is inside Taman Pertanian. I’m excited to experience my first skytrex activities and to re-visit this long forgotten place.

About 30 mins drive from town we arrived at the park. To my amazement, the park’s car park bay was quite full. We paid RM 1 parking fee (per entry basis). We walk a short distant from the car park bay to the main entrance of the park where the ticket counter are. My jaw dropped as I saw the crowd at the entrance area. Many young locals and family are queuing up for the tickets. Not bad! I thought many people have forgotten this place as it has minima effort on promoting this place to the public.

Photo: At the entrance of the park

I took my time to survey around looking for information about this park while queuing for the entrance ticket. I found out that the entrance fee is RM 3 for adult, RM 1 for children age between 6 and 11 (and FOC for children below 6) and senior citizen above 55 years. The park is open everyday except Monday. However, if a public holiday falls on Monday, the park is open. And I couldn’t believe that the 4 season temperature house is still around. And one could go in by paying RM 3 for an adult and RM 1 for a child (age between 4 and 11). If you would like to spend a night at the park, they have chalet and camp site as accommodation options. The rates of the accommodation ranging from RM 5 to RM 100. They also have few dedicated sites for outdoor functions.

Oh boy, I couldn’t wait to see what’s inside. Finally, we got our tickets and we got inside the park. Once we entered, I saw a food outlet and bicycle rental facilities. The hut for bicycle rental for packed with people who are keen to ride and explore the park. I wish I got the time to take a ride as well. But, we gotta proceed to the Skytrex Adventure Park located somewhere in this Agricultural Park in less than 30 minutes time. I need to catch the bus dedicated to ferry all the Skytrex participants to the adventure park in font of this small hut. So, I put the idea of riding the bicycle off.

Photo: People waiting to get their bicycle at the bicycle rental shop.

Photo: A random shot at the park

A friend of mine got a map of the park from the staff at the entrance and found out that this park has certainly evolved into a better and larger state than a decade ago. It has more farms area introducing the variety agricultures of Malaysia, 2 dam areas, a place for kayak, flying fox facilities, rabbit farm, birds park, outlook tower, cultural village and orchids garden, etc. The park covers an 817 hectares land. Although, there are many semi open air type of buses ferrying visitors to different place of this park, I didn’t explore the park due to the time constrain. I just took a short walk nearby the entrance and return to hut to catch the bus to the Skytex Adventure Park.

Well, what’s this Skytrex thingy? Actually it is adventure activities that take the participants from tree to tree via series of aerial obstacles in the air. I’ll save the Skytrex experience of mine in the next blog.

Guys and gals, getting excited to visit this park? Well, I think it is worth the entrance ticket. You can get close to the nature, learn about the agricultures of Malaysia, picnic, experience the adventure (or see someone doing it), fishing, cycling, jungle trekking and so much more. It is place that suits for family outings. Bring along the insect repellent if you are very sensitive to mosquitoes. The only set back that I found out is that most of the signage I saw was only written in Bahasa Malaysia. Do ask for an English version of the map from the counter / entrance area is you need to.

Ok, here’s the information for those interest to go to the park.
Address: Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel: 603- 5510 7048


  1. Called 603-5510 7048
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